Mine Homriş İlhan

Mine Homris İlhan

She graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Translation and Interpretation. After completing her "Media Studies" education at the University of Kent in England, she returned to Turkey and worked as an English and French Translator-Editor at the Prime Ministry Turkish Cooperation and Development Administration (TIKA). She started with Betül Mardin, a veteran of the communications industry, and worked as the Customer Director at IMAGE Public Relations Company and then the Ankara Representative of the company. After working as the Public Relations Director at the TAF Mehmetçik Foundation, she established the Corporate Communications Department at the national news channel ATA Television and worked as the Communications Manager. Mine Homriş İlhan, who worked as the managing partner and Corporate Communications Manager at Programevi Agency, which prepared programs for TRT between 2009 and 2010, worked as the Communications Director at BERSAY Agency, which she joined in 2010, and worked as a Communications Director for Denİzbank, Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, Delloite, British Council, Torunlar. and Torunlar REIC provided service to important brands of Turkey. In 2012, she started to work as IC İbrahim Çeçen Investment Holding's Corporate Communications Director. She carried out many Communication studies and corporate social responsibility projects in Turkey and in the world in 5 different sectors, such as construction, infrastructure, tourism, energy production and distribution and industry, in which IC Holding operates. . Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Project, Bomonti Hilton, Çeşme Marina, Tredaş, Yeniköy Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants Project, IC İbrahim Çeçen Foundation and New York Turkish House Project are just a few of the projects in which she manages all communication processes. Mine Homriş İlhan, a member of the Corporate Communicators Association, has been carrying out her work by establishing HOMRİŞ Communication Consultancy as of 2019.


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